Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recent Happenings

1.  Letting fresh air through the windows.  Haven't had to turn the AC on yet.
2.  Winnie survived Value Vet the other week and Charlie was most interested in her carrier.

3.  He was not interested in wearing this hat.

 And he got his way.  ;-)
4.  Punk rocker post bath.
5.  We took Pat on his first Nashville Zoo experience last Friday morning. 

 We went in this contained area that lets you interact with the birds.  Very neat!

 I caught this one biting the back of Pat's head. Ha.

6.  Last Saturday we took Charlie on his first ever Shake n Steak trip (mostly for us of course).
7.  While I was working on the below project Charlie was working on his own project of removing tissues from the box.
 I made a little template to make sure I liked the layout for my new frames.
 And voila!

 Also hung up Pat's charter in the guest room.
 And a measuring chart in CQ's room.
 It starts at two feet. 

8.  This is Charlie after Grandma gave him a bath last night.  Yes, Kate got into town on Thursday.  :)
Happy guy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recent Happenings

1.  Check out our new bird box in the backyard.  We've spotted many a bluebird.  Hooray!  (yes, turning into my mom...)

2.  I had ordered Charlie some little magnet letters for the fridge online but when they arrived they were a major choking hazard.  Therefore they live on the top half of the fridge for now.  Which means I have a new toy.   

3.  That last picture brings us to my next recent event - We had a little bachelorette party for Nathalie on Saturday (she's getting married this weekend!!).  We went out for a bite at the new Virago and then had dessert and a drink at Sunset Grill.  Very fun!

 Lanier, Nathalie, Langhorne, Me, Claire
The sushi was really good (but price meant I didn't get to try too much) 
The above roll was called The Bomb, and the below one had strawberries on top and a strawberry sauce. 
4.  Breaking out our summer wardrobes.  Shorts!

5.  Eating too many jelly beans.

Hope y'all are well.  Winnie is not going to be happy but she is going to the vet this afternoon.  xoxo

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Charlie's 1st Birthday Party

We had a small lunch party for Charlie on Saturday the 25th. Pat had put on a pork butt the night before, so the menu was BBQ, and we had help for all the sides. My Mom made broccoli slaw, my Dad made lemonade, my Aunt Carole brought potato salad (and an additional neutropenic potato salad for Pat), Rachel brought her famous corn souffle, Sarah brought pasta salads, my sister brought oat/jam bars, and I made cupcakes.

Checking out his new wagon from Aunt E

OH yeah, this is my party.  These people are all here for me.  Oh yeah.  Let me just kick back and enjoy it...

Cupcake time! "Smash Cake"

This was one of the first ever sweets he has had and definitely the largest serving.  (Since we switched Charlie to whole milk and were able to introduce dairy, he has since tried ice cream, delish.  Also has recently had some donut and E's birthday cake)

OK I think I'm getting a hang of this.  mmmmm

Time to get cleaned off after eating the whole thing (except for the parts on himself and his tray)


Showing off in his diaper for the crowd.

Here are those oat and jam bars that E made.  Recipe is from Pioneer Woman.  Tasty!

Playing cool in Matthew's shades.

Getting into his John Deere tractor from Tom and Shelley.

Rocking his Hawaiian shirt that his Great Aunt Carole and Great Uncle Robert brought him.

Getting to be nap time...better put me down.

2nd wind!

Here was his Winne the Pooh birthday sign. :o)  What a fun and perfect birthday party for our favorite 1 year old.