Thursday, September 30, 2010

Found Photos

I have a lot of photos that I took before the blog and I'd like to share some of them with you every once in a while.

In honor of our upcoming 3 year anniversary...
Pictures from our honeymoon to Costa Rica.  We loved the country...but I suggest you might want to avoid the rainy season.  We stayed at Marriott Los Suenos.

October 2007

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nashville Wedding

Pat and I had a fun 3 day weekend in Nashville.  Fridays morning's outbound flight and Sundays evening's return flight were both on time and uneventful, a major plus.  We caught up with family, saw several friends (Tom, Molly, Lanier, Nathalie, Freya), ate at Calypso Cafe, walked around the Crafts Fair, treated myself to a mani and pedi with my sis, received some adorable baby gifts, walked the neighborhood, did a tiny bit of shopping (thanks Mom!), had the best pancakes at AC and UR's, and checked out Sarah and Matthew's home building progress - wow!! 

AND we saw my beautiful cousin Mary Byrne and her new husband Chris tie the knot.

We spotted my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike before heading into the church:
Mom and E behaving before the service:
 Cake and Groom's Cake
 Mom and Dad at dinner:
 Lacie, what are you doing here?!  (her Mom works with my Uncle)
 Cousin Rachel, Aunt Ann, and Cousin Sarah:
 7 Sisters!!  All up on stage singing "Respect"
 2 sisters :)
This reception had a great dancing crowd!! 
 Newlyweds: Cousins Joe Pat and Paula (married in Rome last weekend and got back into Nashville Saturday Night!) and Cousins Margaret and Jeff (married in May)
 Bathing Beauties strikes again!
 Cousin Rachel, E, Cousin Ann Marie
 Cousin John and Lauren
 Finally, I got my picture of the lovely couple - Mary Byrne and Chris! xoxo
 The Maids of Honor, MB's little sisters Connolly and Ellen.
 Cousin Jill, Cousin Chris, E
Not pictured: many cousins rubbing my belly (and maybe one talking directly into my belly button.)  It was so sweet hearing everyone congratulate us and talk to us about our due date and everything.   
 I also saw another HS friend, Jessica, who works with my Uncle.  So great to see her! 

This was a super fun wedding.  And such a great trip overall.  Already looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Creative

Sunday Creative...
This week’s prompt:

Nothing: 1. no thing 2. something that does not exist 3. zero


Another big wedding post coming soon...we had the best trip to TN!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sup and Scrap

Sunday evening I decided to make homemade mac n cheese for the first time.  I'd seen the recipe online here at Betty Crocker and it just sounded good.  I used four cheeses: Fontina, Mozzarella, Provolone, and Romano.  The recipe says it serves 6 but I think that is too generous of a serving. 

Here it is hot out of the oven. 
Panko bread crumbs nice and toasty.
Served up with some roasted asparagus, delish!
I loved it, but I imagine we might be sick of this by the time we finish the leftovers...we stuffed ourselves and hardly made a dent.
I had hopes of doing lots of scrapbooking, but only had time for a couple pages.  Sorry for the flash, I never have much luck taking pictures of my finished pages.  (And it would be weeks before I could take a picture of it in natural light.)
You should be able to click on the photos to see larger images.
Have a great day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jon and Nicole's Wedding

Pat and I drove back down to Long Branch Saturday afternoon to witness our friends Jon and Nicole tie the knot!  The weather was perfect and their beach side ceremony was super sweet. 

The bride looked absolutely beautiful.
I had an aisle seat so I think I ended up with some great pictures.
Afterwards, we all headed upstairs to the roof for their reception.  The speeches were great and their first dance impressive. 
Silly boys...
Pat and Jon worked together years ago so it was great to see some faces that we hadn't seen in quite a while.  Actually, Jon and Nicole started dating right around the time I moved up here from TN, so we've all been friends for almost 5 years. :)
Two sets of July newlyweds: Lindsey and Kyle, Albert and Megan
And us too...don't you think my belly is showing a bit??  I've been stressing about telling work, so I think I will tell them early next week.

Anyhow, a FABULOUS wedding.  Wishing Jon and Nicole a great honeymoon in Greece and wonderful marriage. xoxo