Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A few weekends ago Pat and I got it in our head that we just had to make meatballs.  We've made them in the past, but had basically fried them in oil.  This time we baked them - much better.  We are making these guys again tonight and I am looking forward to having them again!
And one last thing I just have to share.  We kept hearing uncontrollable laughter when we were prepping our meatballs the other weekend.  We looked out into the street and saw a couple boys from down the street - they were terrorizing the "Drive Slow" man that stands his post across the street.  They kept throwing the poor guy in the street and running him over in their little mini Jeep or Escalade, whatever it was.  But it was hilarious!  They sure were having a ball. After they had finished repeatedly torturing him, they tossed him back and zipped on home, before their parents knew what trouble they were causing. HA!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jeremy and Kacey's Wedding

Pat worked on Thursday, but I took the day off, so I drove out to Long Island that afternoon.  Our wedding weekend destination was the Glen Cove Mansion.  I walked around and checked out the beautiful grounds before picking Pat up at the train station that evening.
This is where Friday's ceremony took place:
The rehearsal dinner took place poolside.  A lovely evening!
Jeremy and Chris:
Adam, Pat, Ryan, Jeremy, Chris:
Our lovely couple!  After the rehearsal dinner, we all headed up to the Pub and I played my first ever game of Shuttleboard.  Fun!
Saturday we lounged by the pool and then Pat got ready for pictures (he was an usher).
Looking very handsome in his tux.
You might recall the Chuppah building party last month.  It was great to see the final product:
Such a lovely ceremony with touching vows! Mazel Tov!
Jeremy showing off his new hardware:
Michelle and Ryan:
I am SO happy for Kacey and Jeremy. Love you guys! 
Farewell Glen Cove Mansion. (and may I never see Chris in jean shorts again...ha)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Checking in, post Cape Getaway

Hello! Hello!  Sorry for the lack of posts.  Last week was pretty busy - it ended perfectly with a Girly Night out.  I met up with 8 friends for dinner at a vegetarian Indian restaurant, Saravanaas Bhavan, in the Little India area of New York City.  In addition to sharing a yummy rice dish with Simone, I had a cheese mala dosa (I believe) and I loved it.  We then walked over to a movie theatre for a viewing of Eat Pray Love.  Once the movie ended, Pat picked me up (he is awesome) and we headed north on I 95 for Cape Cod!  I love the fact that 1) I love my In-Laws and 2) they live in Cape Cod.  :o) We arrived late, around 3am, but it's better than sitting in Connecticut traffic for hours if we had left after work.

Saturday was a gorgeous beach day!  Perfect temperatures.
I'm still doing a pretty good job with my nails too:
That night we had a feast - mussels, sausage and potatoes, a tomato/watermelon/mint/basil salad, corn, and LOBSTERS.  Here's Uncle Lee and Aunt Mae:
Sunday was quite overcast and cool - a perfect day for a clam chowder lunch.  We went to The Squire in Chatham and both had a delicious bowl.  We then drove and parked at Monomoy NWR.  We took a long walk on the beach there.  We encountered some other people but it was pretty empty for the most part, which was very nice.  My parents had just read about the great birding at this site here in Bird Watchers Digest.  My eyes aren't quite as trained as mis padres but we did see some birds, not sure of their names. 
There were so many of these dead horseshoe crabs along the way...
It also rained on Monday so we went to see The Switch and went out for an amazing dinner at The Beacon Room.  It continued to rain on Tuesday, but we managed to go for a walk, and also Paul and Kate took us to lunch at Land 'Ho.  They are really just so good to us!!  For our getaway, we also did a good bit of reading (I finished One Day and started Change of Heart) and I worked on this puzzle but didn't finish (very hard to leave an unfinished puzzle, but I've left it in good hands!) 
PS I don't think I'll ever need to buy a puzzle again with Kate and Aunt Mae always sharing the love!

Anyhow, we got home last night and Pat went back to work today, but not me.  I have the rest of the week off and it feels great!  We have a big wedding coming up in just a couple days!  I'll check back in soon, I promise.  xoxo

Monday, August 16, 2010

Raspberry Cream Pie

I haven't had much time lately to keep up with some of my cooking blogs, like The Pioneer Woman, but I checked it out the other day and I saw a recipe I wanted to try - Raspberry Cream Pie.  Yesterday I tested it out.  As instructed, I used 25 Oreos to start us off with the pie crust.
Then 4 tbsp butter, melted.
Mixed with the crushed Oreos...
Pressed in pie pan and baked for about 4 minutes at 350 degrees to set.
A heaping cup of fresh raspberries.
Smashed up with a fork.
And mixed with 3 tbsp sugar.
Set aside for about 15 minutes.
2 containers of yogurt.
1 package instant vanilla pudding.  Oops I used 1.34 oz when the recipe calls for 3.4 oz.
The pudding mix and the yogurt gets mixed up.
Then 1 cup heavy whipping cream is added.  I used light cream instead, not sure if you can really switch the two out, but I did.
Nice and creamy!
Fold in the raspberries.
Pour in the cooled pie crust.
And freeze for a couple hours.  Then garnish with more cookie crumbs and extra raspberries. 
Easy to make.
A nice cool summer treat!

Yesterday afternoon we crossed the George Washington Bridge and headed into Manhattan.
It was a tiny bit rainy, so it wasn't exactly a great evening to walk around, but it wasn't bad.  Mostly we just wanted to see Maura and Mike and also see their new place on the Upper West Side.  It was gorgeous of course!  After enjoying a nice french dinner at La Boite en Bois, we headed back to their place for dessert.  Can you guess what we had?  Yep, the pie was delish!