Friday, April 27, 2012

Charlie Lately

Well, our little baby is 14 months old now, as of the 24th. He is a pro walker now - that started a few weeks ago. Something funny that he has started doing the last couple weeks is lay on the ground and pretend to be asleep. We think he's just asking to be tickled!!
 He usually starts to giggle as you approach him.

He's also taken more of an interest in books lately and even sat through an entire book the other day (admittedly it was a short one).  He helps turn the pages.

Here is our little cutie in his diaper, flexing for the camera I think.  Ha

Thursday, April 26, 2012


On Sunday afternoon we drove out to a party thrown by one of Pat's health care professors. He has a big piece of property and has some cows and also goats. We thought Charlie would enjoy checking out the goats, but really I think he had more fun watching the older kids. :)

The cutest thing was when Charlie started flirting with a couple gals at our table.  He'd hide under the tablecloth and then look back out at them. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Last weekend was my college friend Emily's bachelorette party.  I drove down to Atlanta on Thursday night (after my friend Ellen's cocktail supper).  I forgot about the time change, so I arrived my friend Sarah and Whitney's house at around 1AM.  Sarah and I woke up early and drove to St. Simon's Island.  We picked up Laurisa at the airport and then headed to our house rental for the weekend.  What a house it was!
The ten of us gals were very comfortable there.    I thought the area was beautiful - check out the trees. 
Ahhh, the beach! 
It was a little chilly, but still really nice to sit in the sand. 
That night we cooked dinner at the house (chicken, sweet potatoes, asparagus) and then sat around the great kitchen table and even made friendship bracelets, ha! 
 Saturday we were able to lounge around the pool some.
And also spent some more time at the beach.  Here's me and Emily's little sister Jo. 
That night we all headed out to dinner at Gnat's Landing.  Here is Whitney and Brittney. 
Jo, Laurisa, Me. 
Thumbs down to the food, but the live music sure was nice! 
From there we went to this bar called Ziggy's which was tons of fun.  Emily and Laurisa on the dance floor: 
It was a little hard to leave last Sunday morning, but I had a full day on the road ahead of me.  Thanks to Paul for helping out with Charlie so much while I was away!  Sure was nice to get away with the girls for a bit!  And I definitely want to return to St. Simon with Pat and Charlie someday. 

And Friday was my Mom's birthday.  My parents had all of my Mom's siblings over yesterday for birthday burgers at lunch time.   
We all enjoyed a cake made my friend Claire's bakeshop, Dozen. 
Happy birthday Momma!! 

Soccer with First Graders


Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Discovery

Loving the side cup holder!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Social Week

Wow, what a busy week we've had!  Last Tuesday Charlie and us ladies (E, Mom, Kate, and me) met up for lunch at Cheekwood's The Pineapple Room.  E came all the way from downtown to meet us.  :)
After our meal, we walked around Cheekwood for a little bit. 

The next day, Wednesday, we had to say goodbye to Grandma Kate. 

Thursday night we had dinner with E and Mark at Taco Mamacita and then went to the Nashville Symphony to see a Pops series with Steve Wariner.  On Friday morning CQ and I met up with my friend Michal and her boys at Woodmont Park for some play time.  That night, we went over to a little rooftop party at Eugene and Kate's apt. 

On Saturday morning we drove out to Kingston Springs to my Aunt Ebby and Uncle Bill's farm.  There was an Easter Egg hunt.  Charlie was most interested in the river bed rocks. 
They had the hunt set up into two - a group for the younger and a more challenging one for the older kids. 
Charlie was watching and we eventually coaxed him into finding two eggs. 

Charlie and his Great Aunt Evelyn. 
That night we had my friend Rebekah and her husband Mike over.  Rebekah and I met 9 years ago during my summer abroad in London and had not seen each other since!  It was so fun and I busted out my scrapbook from back then.  :) 
 Then on Easter Sunday we went to a brunch at my friend Claire's parents house.
They had a great backyard and Charlie took part in his second egg hunt. 
And from there we went to my parents house for a family dinner.   
On Monday morning I took Charlie to Parmer Park to meet up with  my friend Ellen and some of her friends who also have kids.  Ellen and her fiance Bjorn are in town for the week from Sweden.  From the park we headed to have lunch at Belle Meade Plantation's Harding House. 
Social stuff continues with Ellen's Linen Shower out in Brentwood tonight, and then a cocktail supper tomorrow night...then after that I am heading to Georgia for Emily's Bachelorette party.  It's hard to keep up, I know!  :o)  Paul flies into town later today to help out while I'm away and Pat receives an infusion Friday.