Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zoo on Friday

Our zoo membership has definitely been worth it for us this year.  We went on Friday and met up with my friend KK and my friend Michal and their kids.  They had never met but I'm sure we will all see each other again! :)
The zoo currently has a spot for horse pictures near the entrance which I did not purchase.  This was the little one but they also had a medium sized horse and a massive horse for the bigger kids.
All four of the boys checking out the elephants. 
 CQ had to go join the big boys for some fun.  So cute!
And I had to take a picture of KK after her flip flop broke.  Needless to say, her zoo trip was shortened.  Great to see them! 

Cullen Play Date

We've been having pretty regular weekly playdates with my childhood friend Kristin and her little boy Cullen.
He is super cute!  He's a few months younger than Charlie but they are pretty close in size. (PS Charlie had his 18 month appt this morning and he is 90% for height and weight! 27 pounds and 9 ounces!)
Lately we have been meeting at the Granny White Park - a good middle point between our houses - and we do a few laps of the park walking with strollers and then let the boys play on the fabulous playground. These pictures were from last Monday.
And here are a few more pictures from later that day, hanging around at home.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Granny White Park

Had fun this morning with the dinosaurs in our Dino T shirt.

Pig Roast Prep

Our pig roast party is on Saturday so we are in party prep mode.  Besides purchasing a pig and hitting up Costco, we of course need a place to roast the pig.  Pat has spent a lot of time researching this and we opted not to dig a big hole, but to build one (which we can later remove).  My Dad and Pat took care of this on Saturday and Charlie and I showed up in time to see the last of it go up.
The first row took the longest to lay so that it would all be level.  They also have a few spots for air to flow.
Here it is - they calculated the concrete blocks perfectly and decided to get 2 extras.  Only thing that is left is whatever they are putting on top, some sort of metal that the pig will lay on.   
The coals and fire will be down in here. 
You can see the air flow spots better here. 
We're very excited for the party, but a little nervous to see how it all goes, or at least I am.  This is our most ambitious party yet! :)
And I know what you are thinking...not enough Charlie on this post!!  Agreed!  Here he is clapping in the car on Friday evening. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charlie the Giant

Last night we had my cousin Sarah and her husband Matthew and daughter Anna over for dinner.  So great to catch up and talk parenthood now that they've had a couple months of it.  We had ribs from the Big Green Egg and pasta salad, and from Sarah a tasty broccoli slaw and tollhouse pie.  Yum!
Doesn't CQ look massive?  :) 
Pat and I both enjoyed holding her immensely.  She's about 10 pounds which felt nice and light.  Her eyes are wide open in all these pictures - so alert! 
Can't wait to see them again!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flag banner

New decor in Charlie's room. Wish I could take credit for making it - compliments of Michael's shopping trip with the sister. Cute!

Monday, August 20, 2012

More Cape Pictures

Family photo on the plane ride there. 

When we arrived, we were surprised by Pat's Aunt Sandra and Uncle Jimmy, who were in town from Ohio.  We had no idea!!  What a great surprise for us to see them.
Of course they loved Charlie! ;-)
And Greer too!

We logged beach/lake time every day we were there.

CQ showing off his "Sea"food. (he tried his first onion ring)

Ok, this was hilarious.  Aunt Mae and Uncle Lee just recently got a pool in their backyard, so we thought it would be funny to stage a photo op of Paul - his pool is complete with a slide and a pool boy bringing him a beer. 

Charlie had a blast with all of the toys Kate had gotten for the grandkids.

And he loved exploring the house, under the tables, in the cabinets, up the stairs, etc.

We have a picture of Charlie and Greer in this same chair about a year ago.  They look so much bigger and older here!

Skaket Beach
Meeting House Pond

Crystal Lake

 Nauset Beach

Uncle Mike brought his boat to show Charlie (I think this was the boat's first sail outside of Central Park)
Charlie's devilish grin on the plane ride home.

The trip was a great way to spend Pat's last week before classes started up again.  He's back in the swing of things at Vandy and starting his second week.  Have a great Monday!