Friday, August 3, 2012

July Happenings

I couldn't find my camera cord which is (partially) why I haven't done a real blog post in a while. But, of course we've had a busy summer thus far so let me fill you in on part of it.

We had our friend Kate over for dinner a few weeks ago.  She loves Charlie and the feeling is mutual.
 Her dog Tasya is very cute too.
And just the other day, Kate invited us to her rooftop pool.  We had it to ourselves and had a blast.

Kate always prepares a major spread, a table full of good eats.  Here we are eatin' strawberries.
And here is Charlie trying out an ice cream cone at lunch yesterday. 
He's smiling at my friend Nathalie in this one...we met for lunch at a deli, along with Lanier and Freya.  Nothing like high school friends! 
We also said goodbye (for now) to my cousin Sam and Lorena.  They are moving to Boston so Sammy can start at MIT for his MBA. 
We will miss you, and miss having our own personal yoga instructor.  (Thanks Lore!) 

We switched Charlie's car seat in Pat's car to forward facing.  It's still rear facing in my car for now, which is the car he rides in most often, but kinda nice to test it out this way. 
My cousin Rachel had us over for an awesome lunch on Sunday.  Charlie took a book to her lap for her to read...and he loved playing with her cat, keys, vacuum and broom!  And he also loved her blueberry muffins. 
My aunt Sharon is an amazing architect and she's made some plans for a future house addition (master suite, 2 car garage, and enlarged kitchen)  They are awesome and I wish we could do them right away...but something to look forward to.  :) 
My Aunt Ann hosted the first annual Niece's Night at a lovely french restaurant in town.   It was such a fun get together!!  What a treat to hang out with my beautiful cousins.

Lorena, Mary Byrne and Kristin 
Banged beauties - Lorena and Ellen 
My Aunt Ann and Uncle Jack also let us use their pool on 4th of July. 

And then Uncle Jack made us the best margaritas I've ever had.  Here we are: my parents, aunt/uncle, Pat and our friend Tom. 
Another highlight was that we got to meet my cousin Sarah's new baby.   
Anna is precious and felt tiny in our arms. :) 
That night my parents babysat while Pat and I went to a steak dinner at Kayne Prime.  During Pat's treatment, he set his sights on this restaurant for when his taste buds were back to normal.  And 2 weeks out of treatment we really had a great date night there.
Bacon Appetizer: 
 Tuna Tartare
Pat with his martini.  Cheers! (by the way, his eyebrows are almost back!!! Today marked 6 weeks post treatment)
And our sides - creme brulee corn and potatoes 
Pat had this ribeye and I had a wagyu fillet. 
July was a mix of rain and then dry (hot hot hot) weather so we met my friend Michal and her boys at an indoor play space, Monkey's Treehouse.

Charlie had a blast and I even spotted my cousin Ann Marie's daughter, who was there with her nanny. 
My parents went to Alaska for almost 2 weeks and we missed them!!!!  So glad they are back. But glad they had a wonderful trip. :)
July was full of lots of fun with the Charlie Boy! Minus a few days when he got a little sick:
But part of me secretly enjoyed it because he was extra cuddly.
My parents have this fun elephant slide which they have kindly let reside in their living room (too hot outside)

Charlie knows many body parts now and loves to point to his belly button.  Watch out, he might come find yours!

And speaking of yoga, check out one of CQ's moves.
And with the Olympics on, afraid there has been a fair amount of TV watching.  I am exhausted from staying up too late. Love them!

Ok, hopefully that is enough of an update and enough pictures to get you caught up.  :)
PS Pat had a PET Scan today that came back negative.  We are cancer free, wooohoooo!

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