Saturday, November 20, 2010


Winnie is always helping around the house.  Here she is helping us with laundry last night.
Yes, sometimes I wonder how many pictures I'll take of my kid if I take this many of my cat...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bump Update

 I think you'll notice a big change this month!
 6 months:

And to compare...
5 months vs. 6 months

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I did it! I have successfully completed my goal of finishing this puzzle before Thanksgiving. :-P
The quantity of blue is what held me up - the back of the puzzle was blue too!
 Just about the only easy part was this little fence and the cruise ship.
Let's see...I realize I've been bad about posting over the last week.  What else can I tell you?
I'm 25 weeks along and we had another Dr. appointment this week, including a glucose screening test (for gestational diabetes - I think I would have been notified by now if I needed additional tests, phew!)

This book was recommended to me by a coworker.  It has been so handy during the registry process.  (tips from family and friends have been very helpful too)  We've pretty much picked out all the big stuff now and most of the little stuff.  Saturday we selected our stroller, infant car seat carrier, and regular car seat.  Crazy how much stuff our little guy will need.  With just a few months away I am getting so excited!!

Next week is going to be a great week, so have a happy Thanksgiving in case I don't post until after then.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sequence of Events

 While the oven was preheating for our pork chops, sparks flew from the bottom coil.  Turned that off quickly...see how it's now broken??  Yikes.
 Winnie didn't seem to care.
Well, the pizza was good. :o)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Picking Paint

 Pat and I made a pretty quick decision on paint...
The paint on the left below (on the right above, sorry to confuse you) came out a little too dark.  Granted, this picture doesn't really reflect the true colors, but the one we selected is very close to what is already on the walls, is neutral, and won't darken the room.  Excellent. 
So it's Benjamin Moore - Frappe.  Sorry Harmony, you're out!

PS I should mention that this is for the guest bedroom, not the nursery.  That is still TBD.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Squeezin' in Some Scrapbookin'

With the Evite responses coming in for next month's 2nd Annual Turkey Fry, it was high time I scrapped up the pictures from last year.
Sorry my pictures of pages always turn out so terrible, but you get the idea. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cold Monday

I have to say that for a cold Monday things are looking up.  I had a couple pregnancy friendly sushi rolls for lunch today - mmm mmm!  And I got my car back tonight - turns out the battery was not holding the charge so Lexi now has a brand new battery.  She's good as new! 

 Winnie was especially cute tonight.
See what I mean? :o)
And I found time for a little scrapbooking.  Hard to keep up with all these weddings!
I couldn't decide if I should do a double page spread, but I squeezed onto the one page:
Pages aren't 100% done but pretty close. 
And yes, I always like to take a Cake picture.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Creative

The word prompt for this week's Sunday Creative is:
Aspiration 1. Strong desire, longing or aim; ambition. 2. A goal or objective desired. 3. Act of aspirating; breath.

I thought this was a great word for today since I've got the NYC marathon on TV right now.  This picture is from the NJ state triathlon, July 2008.

Busy Belly Button

From car trouble to mouse trouble (both computer and animal) to insurance trouble (thanks a lot Doc) to wall paper trouble to sleep trouble (currently 3:30 AM), I have felt a little stressed lately, but this is life and you just roll with it.  And of course my current troubles aren't true troubles, just tiny bumps in the road.  Luckily all these problems can be fixed!  And I always find the sweet side of life...
Smores seemed like a good way to use up some of the leftover Halloween candy - Hershey bars.  I haven't had many pregnancy cravings, but my sweet tooth which of course has always been there, has kicked it into overdrive.  I probably need to cut back a bit...

One thing I have definitely gotten a kick out of lately is my ever shrinking belly button.  I think I'll have an "outie" in the near future.  In fact, if I gently push in around my belly button, poof, it turns into an outie just like that - constant entertainment around here I tell ya!

You might recall my puzzle find back in September.  I've slowly been working away at it here and there.  Pat gave me a gentle hint that I should probably finish it by Thanksgiving, so I've picked up the pace.  Just a couple hundred blue pieces and I'll be done.   Each time I work on it I feel like I'm going on a little mini vacation to Greece. :o)
Tomorrow we'll be returning the steam cleaner (for wallpaper border remover), cleaning the walls, patching them, and throwing up a couple paint samples.  Then we're heading to Hoboken for some football viewing in the afternoon, hosted by the newlyweds Dave and Dia. 

Surely there are a lot of runners waking up right now to get ready for the New York City Marathon.  I think they'll have perfect weather for it and I wish all the runners well.  I can't believe that 2 years ago Pat and I were among them.  The best race ever!  Here we are before the start in Staten Island:
Hope you're all having a nice weekend and enjoy that extra hour of sleep from the end of Daylight Savings Time. xoxo

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Happenings

  • I've definitely started to feel the little guy move around and kick a bit. 
  • We have leftover Halloween candy. :o)
  • We bought a crib and dresser/changing table (BIG thanks to my parents and my In Laws!)
  • We've been working on our baby registry at Babies r Us and Target.
  • I love rocking my maternity jeans from Target. 
  • I also got myself this Belly Band thing that allows you to wear pants that no longer fit by undoing the button.  Ok who am I kidding, the zipper too.
  • Only 3 weeks until TENNESSEE!

Some weeks I have nothing planned after work, but sometimes I do...
  1. Last night I treated myself to a pre natal massage (my first!) with hot stones at Element...SO NICE!  All thanks to my work friend Lisa for bringing a "Hot on Yelp" half price discount to my attention. 
  2. Tonight, Pat and I are heading to a CMA Songwriter Series concert at Joe's Pub with Eric Church.
  3. Tomorrow night, Laurisa and I have $20 Hiptix to see Mrs. Warren's Profession, a George Bernard Shaw play.
PS Speaking of shows, Simone and I saw Brief Encounter a few weeks ago at Studio 54 and it was a great musical.  Very well done.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or TREAT

Hard to believe it's already November, right? 
Devon hosted a fun book club in Hoboken yesterday afternoon. I wanted to make us a little treat to enjoy. It was a new and simple recipe, from Betty Crocker. (Quick shout out to Pat - while I was baking, he was working hard at removing the old wallpaper border.  Good work! XO)
 You basically make chocolate chip cookies in a mini muffin tin. 
 Before the cookies are completely done, you smush a Rolo into the center.
 Then add a few mini marshmallows.
 Bake a few more minutes.
 Let cool and then drizzle with chocolate! YUM! YUM!
Our latest book, Suite Francaise was really good.  Next up is Dead End Gene Pool