Monday, August 27, 2012

Pig Roast Prep

Our pig roast party is on Saturday so we are in party prep mode.  Besides purchasing a pig and hitting up Costco, we of course need a place to roast the pig.  Pat has spent a lot of time researching this and we opted not to dig a big hole, but to build one (which we can later remove).  My Dad and Pat took care of this on Saturday and Charlie and I showed up in time to see the last of it go up.
The first row took the longest to lay so that it would all be level.  They also have a few spots for air to flow.
Here it is - they calculated the concrete blocks perfectly and decided to get 2 extras.  Only thing that is left is whatever they are putting on top, some sort of metal that the pig will lay on.   
The coals and fire will be down in here. 
You can see the air flow spots better here. 
We're very excited for the party, but a little nervous to see how it all goes, or at least I am.  This is our most ambitious party yet! :)
And I know what you are thinking...not enough Charlie on this post!!  Agreed!  Here he is clapping in the car on Friday evening. 

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